Attentively - Car on wall


Attentively - women

Attentively News

Attentively - Back

Attentively - Clouds - Hands

Attentively - No comments :)

Attentively - Peace

Attentively - Play!

Look attentively

Attentively - Camo

Attentively - Wanted

Attentively - Golf

Attentively- wrong

Attentively - Microsoft and Apple

Attentively - Frog

Attentively - Tree

Attentively - Horse

4 Responses to “Attentively !!!”
  1. Nobody says:

    Wow.. that last one was very obviously shopped…I could do that and I’m really mediocre.

  2. Nevaahe says:

    The US Army one isn’t what you think. They are testing using the integrated combat computers that provides real-time battle-conditions to the operators eye-piece. The prototypes, which he is using, were controlled with an X-Box controller. So, no, he’s not playing a game while they are training.

  3. Erin says:

    I don’t get the second one…?

  4. Cody says:

    What am I missing in the second picture?

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