Flexible girls

Flexible girls photos

Flexible girls photo

Flexible girls acrobatics

18 Responses to “Flexible girls”
  1. wm says:

    flexible is not even the word. Their spine is made of rubber!

  2. TheDoorman says:

    Yeah, but it would look better naked…

  3. Montreal nightlife says:

    OMG! that is insane! kinda hot, yet kind of freakish.

  4. mishewtwo says:

    Why am I so turned on by that?

  5. Red Black says:

    POST MORE! what trip man. I would love to meet one of these girls 🙂

  6. mjt says:

    actually, it’s quite sick !

    some bony-a$$ woman? zero substance.

    regards, michael

  7. cliffanie says:


  8. Brad says:

    We should be so lucky,I couldn’t do that.

  9. awesome says:

    as a response to that first comment:
    they have no spine!
    that is insane.

  10. boyd says:

    That’s really hot O_O
    A little weird… as in “where are your vertebrae” weird… but still hot.

  11. rowena says:

    too much. where’s the bone?

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  13. Alchemist says:

    That is so HOT!!!!! I Need to go take a cold shower

  14. Ole-Timer says:

    Yes, these women are impressive, but you need to realize: most, if not all, are double-jointed. If you like these kinds of photos. Try http://www.contortionhomepage.com/cdrom.html

    But even if you are a contortionist, the body’s flexibility needs maintaining with exercise.

    I don’t consider these people as freakiest, just with different abilities. If the world was full of the same type of people, might become boring.

  15. Stinky Wizzleteats says:

    These women are all “double jointed” in so much as that is the generic term for ANYBODY with exceptional flexibility in their joints. Otherwise there is no such technical thing as “double jointed”. We all have the same number of joints. So what exactly do we need to realize?

  16. me says:

    Yeeoww! It hurts my back just to look @ this…

  17. Haley says:

    These all look like they are the same girl. Does anyone know if these are all the same girl?

  18. stan says:

    Why is it that only fat chicks have substance. Just because some skinny models are bitchy doesn’t mean all chicks that aren’t fat lack substance. Besides, if this keeps up, fat chicks will start getting more stuck up and I’ll just have to find chicks with substance i.e. not fat.

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