Tattoos of computer players

Tattoos of computer players 2

Tattoos Sega

Tattoos Super Mario


10 Responses to “Tattoos of computer players”
  1. Abigael says:

    Was not the type of stuff i was hopeing to run into on the internet and that was just… not very profecional

  2. Joe says:

    was just not will set up and considered.

  3. Garvey says:

    What do you mean ‘not will set up and considered?’ The title is ‘Tattoos of Computer Players,’ and it has pictures of people that have tattoos of various video game characters. What were you expecting to ‘run into?’ Pictures of hot chicks?

    As for myself, I’m a fan of video games and recognized almost every one of those characters. Although I’d probably never get one myself, they are pretty sweet tattoos, and if I was gonna get one I’d consider a video game toon.

  4. Mark says:


  5. cpctc says:

    Because that’s what he would want. Why do you care?

  6. Orion says:

    Im training to be a tattoo apprentice and I can safely say that most of these tattoos are done extremely well by skilled, professional artists.

    Im personally getting a super mario bros. piece myself very soon!

  7. griggs says:

    people are frickin’ stupid!

  8. Rico says:

    Yeah, I think Abigael and Joe are clueless. “Not very professional?” WTF?

  9. sam says:

    Haha, neat! And very tempting…

  10. Modified Mummy says:

    I love ‘game’ tattoos…. so much so I have one myself (not featured here, lol)

    I have a small moogle tattoo’d behind one of my ears. First of many… if I could afford more right now!

    lovely gathering of game tattoos 🙂

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