American soldiers after war in Iraq

American soldiers after war in Iraq - photos

American soldiers after war in Iraq -

American soldiers after war in Iraq - lost hands

American soldiers

American soldiers after war in Iraq - lost feet

American soldiers after war in Iraq - lost eyes

American soldiers after war in Iraq - no comments

41 Responses to “American soldiers after war in Iraq”
  1. Kmuzu says:

    War is neither grand nor just .. war is hell.

  2. J. Weier says:

    Horrible to see!!! But why start a war? And may I see the photos of the people over there?
    But there are no hero’s in war, only victims!!!

  3. keara says:

    thats is so sad. end the f.cking war, government!

  4. Bobby says:

    just another reason, why the war is ponitless

  5. Fred Garvin says:

    This is very sad but much more for the innocents in Iraq that were maimed and have no access to this quality of health care.

  6. Joe says:

    ITS F.CKING WAR! PPL GET HURT! you label it soldiers from iraq like everyone over there is getting shot up.

  7. Kaylee says:

    This is terrible, I know they did this to serve our country..but this needs to stop. There isn’t any need for this war anymore. Bush needs to get his ugly head out of his giant ass and take our soldiers out of this war. It’s ridiculous..

  8. Evan says:

    Great place for a McCain Ad, right below pictures of amputees,

  9. Paul says:

    God bless America.

  10. peter bevan says:

    very powerful. What a sacrifice those brave folks made.

  11. si says:

    what a waste, war what is it good for?

  12. Jenna says:

    This is why I don’t want my Marine to go =(
    My prayers are with all our troops!

  13. Nicholas says:

    Sat here for quite awhile trying to figure out what to say. All that I can say with a clean conscience is this, Thank you. I lost a good friend there, and am glad to see that y’all made it home.

  14. Holly says:

    This makes me really sad…
    Fighting in a pointless war, and now they’re all scarred for life.
    Some may think it’s better than dying, but in some cases, is it really? The 5th from the bottom is in a wheelchair and actually looks like he has brain damage or something? I think I’d rather be dead than live like that.

  15. Minia says:

    Its war…. what did you think would happen ? Thank you for your service now the military will ignore you and you have to survive with all your best… Wait till the DU gets you like it did the 10000 men and women of desert storm…

  16. Curtis says:

    Is the “Join our team” slogan for this John McCain add a joke? Poor taste if so, otherwise it’s clear no thinking on their part has occurred.

  17. dpro says:

    War can not solve our problems, casualty is inevitable and doesn’t pay the price…

  18. Lynnette says:

    This is so heart breaking. Thanks to ALL the service members who have fought for our freedom! You deserve all of our love and praise!!!! I pray for all the injured for recovery and for all those still serving for a safe return home. Bless those who have given their lives!

  19. No one says:

    Absolute tragedy. I solute these brave people but I fucking hate and disagree with this war, and I blame our government for these pictures.

  20. V. Wright says:

    Thank you for posting these photos. They should be required viewing at every school, and sent to every misguided person who thinks this or any other war is a good idea.

  21. ian says:

    how about all the ones that come home happy and healthy? nobody cares about them apparently.

  22. Heather says:

    Wow. These images are so powerful. I wish I could personally thank each of these brave souls.

  23. lauren says:

    Thank you for all you soldiers have done in that war all the way across the ocean, in a place far away from your families. you have sacrificed your time, your own lives, and for that i am truly grateful. no matter how many limbs you lose or how badly you are disfigured, you are all beautiful.

  24. Edyta says:

    Great photos. I’m actually from Bryan Anderson’s home town (first picture). These are the heroes of our time.

  25. Nancy Florkowski says:

    Dear God, please bless these brave people who sacrificed their lives for us.

  26. N says:

    Is it worth it?

  27. msrr says:

    salute to them

  28. Andrew Kim says:

    I can Never thank The American Service Man enough for their sacrifices….I’ve decided to join up and Put My ass on the line along side this worlds bravest
    thank you

  29. Keith Lundblad says:

    My fervent prayers go with each of these brave troops, their comrades and their families

  30. Rich says:

    Wow! Powerful images. My sister was actually burned in a freak accident fire as a teenager and she suffers from having others stare at her. Sometimes I wish they would just ask her what happened and other times I wish they would be kind and stop staring. I wonder how these warriors feel and whether they would like the general public to ask them how this happened to them. How would they respond?

  31. Ryan says:

    Great collection; it’s easy to forget the consequences of a low casualty rate and soaring numbers of wounded.

  32. Nicki says:

    That is heavy. I can’t believe these people have sacrificed a beautiful perfect human body for this ridiculous war. I am so grateful I live in a free peaceful country.

  33. Bob says:

    Why don’t you show the Iraqi soldiers and civilians maimed as a result of the American invasion?

  34. Beth says:

    I am so sorry. So very very sorry. These people are hardly any older than my own children. I am so sorry.

  35. Jimguru says:

    War. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing…

  36. mary says:

    I am so sorry we have done this to you. You do not deserve our mis-judgment.

  37. Martin says:

    Sad, but what about all the foreigners fighting Americas war? Like our Norwegian soldiers getting killed fighting someone elses war, I think it’s sick. The norwegian troops haven’t had as many casualties as the american, but we dont have as many soldiers out there either.

  38. Dane Mark says:

    Terrible personal tragedies. What can I say, don??t sign up for the military. Ever.

  39. lamazone says:

    Holy crap. O_O

  40. digitalfrog says:

    All very impressive and makes me feel very humble. But the 4th picture from the top is the one that had the biggest impact on me. There is a smile, and there is hope.

  41. Rad Joe says:

    “There is no glory in battle worth the blood it costs.” -Dwight Eisenhower

    I’m on my second tour… this occupation has taken too many lives, too much blood, money, sweat, tears and time to ever justify the results.

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