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Three Principles of The Rule of Law

Three Principles Of The Rule Of Law

No one likes to think about being involved to Three Principles Of The Rule Of Law in an automobile accident; however, the possibility of having an accident exists each time you get behind the wheel. Getting into an accident can result in injuries to you, your passengers, other vehicle occupants, cyclists, and pedestrians. It can also result in damage to vehicles and other property, such as street signs, buildings, utility poles, fences, and property contained inside of vehicles.

Although there is no total number of accidents per year available from Charleston, South Carolina law enforcement agencies, limited statistics are available for certain kinds of accidents Three Principles Of The Rule Of Law. Charleston focuses on providing data related to accidents which resulted in fatalities, rather than accidents that resulted in only injuries or property damage.

Auto Accident Statistics for Charleston, South Carolina

In 2009, Charleston reported 25 fatalities that occurred as the result of motor vehicle accidents. Based on an average per 100,000 residents, this figure was nearly double the statewide average for South Carolina. The fatality count for 2009 was somewhat higher for 2009 than for 2008. In 2008, only 20 traffic-related fatalities were reported in the Charleston metro area.

Out of the 25 fatalities that occurred on Charleston area roads in 2009, nine were pedestrians. Information is not available regarding how many of these fatalities occurred because of illegal jaywalking. This statistic also includes people who were struck by a moving vehicle while walking along Charleston roadways; however, it does not include people who were killed while riding bicycles.

The 25 fatalities recorded in 2009 includes 10 fatalities that occurred in outlying areas of Charleston. Winding country roads in the outlying Charleston area may have contributed to traffic related fatalities, particularly among drivers who were unfamiliar with these roads Three Principles Of The Rule Of Law. Available statistics do not include information about seat belt use. It is unclear how many people were killed on Charleston roads while wearing a seat belt.

Drunk driving also played a significant role in traffic-related deaths in the Charleston area. Charleston law enforcement officials have reported that 10 fatal accidents, or nearly half of all fatal accidents reported in 2009, were caused by intoxicated drivers. It is not clear how many of these fatalities occurred because of single-car accidents and how many occurred because of multi-car collisions.

A total of 31 vehicles were damaged or destroyed in fatality accidents in 2009. No estimates are available regarding the dollar value of damage caused to these vehicles. Also, there is no information available regarding how many of these vehicles were considered “total losses.” A total loss vehicle is one which has sustained such extensive damage that the cost to repair the car would have exceeded the market resale value of the vehicle In House Counsel.

Although traffic fatalities in Charleston increased from 2008 to 2009, they have generally decreased since 2004, during which year about 37 out of every 100,000 residents was killed in a motor vehicle accident.
If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident in Charleston, it is important to remember that you do not have to handle the aftermath yourself. You may need to hire a lawyer to represent you, particularly if you sustain injuries or someone is killed in an accident. An experienced attorney can help you by working with insurance companies to get you the money you need to pay for injuries and other expenses. Your lawyer can also negotiate with insurance companies to help you recover property damage expenses if your vehicle is destroyed or damaged.…

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Sample Of Counsel Agreement New York

Sample Of Counsel Agreement New York

When your loved Sample Of Counsel Agreement New York one suffers any type of traumatic brain injury (TBI), his or her life, as well as yours, becomes much more complicated. Simple tasks may become difficult or impossible to perform, you may be needed to help care for your loved one constantly, and you may even require the help of a part-time or full-time medical care professional. The time and financial constraints may seem like insurmountable obstacles, and you may feel lost and alone in your struggle In House Counsel.

Cause of TBI

A traumatic brain injury may be caused by a number of events, including automobile accidents, falling, electric shock or lightning strike, a blow to the head, a sports injury or medical malpractice. Any of these events may cause a brain injury, and you may find your life turned upside down in the span of just a few hours.
If your loved one has suffered a brain injury, you should not try to deal with all the difficulties and financial problems by yourself. Many support groups are available to help you, and an attorney may be able to help you gain compensation for an injury that was caused by someone else’s Sample Of Counsel Agreement New York.

Taking Action after TBI

When your loved one first experiences a traumatic brain injury, you should allow a doctor to examine him or her. You may also need the advice and diagnosis of a brain specialist or qualified psychologist. Each of these examinations may be helpful if you pursue compensation through the court system.

Once qualified medical professionals have been able to diagnose the level of injury, you may need to find assistance in caring for your loved one. Many health care professionals and insurance companies are able to refer you to physical therapists and cognitive therapists who can help your loved one regain function from the effects of a traumatic brain injury. However, the cost for this care may be expensive, and you may feel that you are unable to cover the cost yourself Sample Of Counsel Agreement New York.

Finding an Attorney after TBI

Working with a qualified attorney can be helpful to more than your financial wellbeing. Many attorneys have connections with health care professionals, or can direct you toward support groups or other venues to help you deal with the severe disability of a loved one.…

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Why Legal Education Is Important

Why Legal Education Is Important

If your loved one has recently suffered a lifelong disability from someone else’s negligence Why Legal Education Is Important, it’s likely that you are settling or have settled a personal injury award that will help compensate you to care for your loved one over the course of their lifetime.

Disabilities, Personal Injury Settlement, and Trusts

Taking care of such funds can be overwhelming Why Legal Education Is Important, though, especially if your loved one is now unable to manage the funds on their own.
A disability trust set up after a personal injury settlement is one of the most practical ways to conserve resources from a settlement in order to care for a person’s disability over the course of a lifetime. If the disabled person is receiving benefits from state or federal programs such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Medicare, a trust can be a way to provide for the disable person’s discretionary needs without planting a large cash asset in their bank account, disqualifying them from social programs In House Counsel.

Besides basic provisions such as shelter and food Why Legal Education Is Important, trusts can be used to provide for a large number of needs that the disabled person may encounter over the course of their lifetime:
Physical Accommodation Needs: Trust funds can be used to modify homes or automobiles in order to make them user-friendly.
Education Needs
Non-medical companion or attendant services
Physical Needs: Funds can be used for wheelchairs, glasses, or clothing
Travel and Entertainment

Trusts are very flexible Why Legal Education Is Important, but they need to be set up appropriately in order to maximize their potential. The first step is to choose a trust that meets your needs. There are several different types of trusts that can be used to preserve the money from a personal injury settlement or other funds that people may wish to gift to the disabled person.

Each one comes with a certain structure and specific restrictions:
Supplemental Needs Trust- Set up by a third party, this trust kind of trust is used to assist a disabled person with discretionary needs
Solo- Benefit/Disability Trust- This type of trust is set up with the personal funds of a disabled person, usually from a personal injury settlement. It can ensure eligibility for Medicaid. The money remaining at the end of a lifetime is usually paid back to the state.
Pooled Trust-These types of trusts are managed by a nonprofit for disabled individuals and can be set up by the beneficiary or a third-party. At the end of the lifetime, remaining assets are usually used to care for other disabled individuals rather than paid back to the state.
You should talk to your attorney to see if they are familiar with how trusts work. If not, ask for a referral to an attorney specializing in wills and trusts. A familiar attorney will be able to educate you about the different types of trusts available and will help you choose the best kind for your situation.

Trusts can make sure that personal injury settlement funds or other funds that people may want to provide for a disabled person are neither squandered nor consumed by taxes Why Legal Education Is Important. If your attorney hasn’t yet recommended a trust, ask them today or seek the council of another personal injury attorney familiar with how trusts work.…

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Human Rights Violations Articles

Human Rights Violations Articles

A disabling Human Rights Violations Articles changes your whole life. You might not understand this at first, but at least for a time, the course of your life is altered beyond your control. It is so important that you act to make sure you get your life back as soon as possible. You need to be able to provide for your family’s daily needs, meet obligations like house and car payments, and carry on with long anticipated plans such as college for your kids.

All of these obligations can be tricky at the best of times, but a disabling injury can throw everything in doubt as you find your Human Rights Violations Articles caught up in a whirlwind of doubt, confusion and delay. Perhaps your injury is of a kind where hospitalizations, pain, and depression make it impossible for you to even concentrate on what you need to do and how to make it happen.

Make Sure Your Disability Benefits Are Approved

It is very important for you, and your Human Rights Violations Articles if they are acting for you, to understand that trying to secure your deserved disability benefits unassisted is extremely difficult or even impossible. The sheer volume of paperwork required while trying to understand what is expected of your claim, such as time deadlines, doctor’s reports, or other factors, needs to be handled by someone knowledgeable and experienced in disability matters.

For many years worker’s compensation attorneys have been helping injured workers get their lives back. They work to secure those Social Security Disability benefits that become all-important when you are injured and unable to work. They are also highly qualified in third party claims, to assure that survivors of the injured party receive spousal or dependent survivor benefits to which they are entitled.

Auto accident Human Rights List, also deal with the multiple insurance maze and spirited litigation to secure you benefits and awards that you deserve. They protect not only your rights but your dignity until the case is won. Any personal calamity that leads to the need for disability payments should be placed in the hands of a competent legal firm.

Social security administration

Have you ever had to call the Social Security administration for some reason? If you have, you know that waits up to an hour, depending on your call, are common. The workers who answer the calls work hard, but they are nearly overwhelmed by the sheer volume. Did you know that the information one worker gives you may not be the information another worker gives? This can become crucial, even disastrous, very quickly, because missing a deadline can add to automatic denial.

Were you also aware that most first disability claims are denied as a matter of course? Many qualified applicants don’t know this, and never receive their benefits. A qualified understands this, and knows that your case is far from over. Your lawyer’s job is to help rehabilitate and recuperate. His job is to look after your rights and interests, and secure the best possible outcome.…

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Questions to Ask a Lawyer in an Interview

Questions To Ask A Lawyer In An Interview

Filing bankruptcy is Questions To Ask A Lawyer In An Interview with a scary and tedious process. A person forced to file bankruptcy is emotionally spent and unable to deal with the necessities, filings, and handlings of a bankruptcy case. It is draining and impossible to stay on top of it unless you are a bankruptcy lawyer. But, how do you find the right bankruptcy lawyer? What are the guidelines to follow when hiring one? Here are a few tips on how to choose the right bankruptcy attorney for you.

Attorney Bar Association

Where do you start when searching for a bankruptcy attorney about Questions To Ask A Lawyer In An Interview? The yellow pages do not cut it during these tragic situations, so why not contact your local attorney bar association. Call your local bar association and enquire regarding who sits on the bankruptcy court panels in your area. Generally, the attorneys on the bankruptcy court panels are experts in the field adding to the confidence level you should have in him/her when selecting someone in this manner. This will help narrow down your selection in an effective manner.


Unfortunately, more people have filed bankruptcy in 2009 than in past years and it shall only increase as we approach 2010. Thus, ask around. Find out who has handled bankruptcy related issues amongst your relatives, friends and loved ones. Ask around your area. For dealing with bankruptcy is difficult and you do not want to make it worse on your family by choosing a lawyer who is not an expert in the field. You need someone with a reputable history of success in handling it with ease. Questioning those you know in similar scenarios is a great way to find out about a Questions To Ask A Lawyer In An Interview before hiring him/her.


Ask your lawyer what are the benefits to filing for bankruptcy. What is the difference between filing for a Chapter 11, Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13? What does the attorney need from you to get started? How long will the process take? What should you expect? Who will go to court with you? All of these questions need to be answered before you proceed forth. Thus, find an attorney who is able to supply information addressing these issues. If your potential attorney is unable to answer then he/she is not the one for you.


When determining on a lawyer ask about fees. Find out what is included in the fees. Is there a written fee agreement? Are there going to be any additional unexpected charges Trial Lawyer Salary? Have the lawyer outline worst-case scenarios; explain regarding hourly fees, and describe the charge breakdown. If an attorney requests for you to sign a fee agreement upfront do not be turned off by it. For many attorneys do this in the beginning as a sign of their commitment to you as their client. It is considered to show a level of seriousness he/she has about representing you.


You are about to make a huge step in your life and you need to not only check references but research the potential attorney for hire. Check and see if the attorney has any lawsuits filed against him/her. Google the attorney and discover if anything comes up. Call courthouses where the attorney holds court and make inquiries about him/her.…

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In House Counsel

In House Counsel

Most injury lawyers In House Counsel are divided when it comes to marketing their law firms with search engine optimization or pay per click. The reality is that many marketers use and understand both when it comes to driving conversions.

Most attorneys In House Counsel I speak to are divided on PPC and SEO. It’s almost as intense as republican versus democrat, but it really shouldn’t be this way.
Pay Per Click means you only pay when people click on words you’ve chosen to advertise on. The advantage is that you can get traffic tomorrow, not 6 months from now. The disadvantage is that if an amateur is in charge of your campaign they will quickly blow up your budget. The other disadvantage is that "lawyer" related keywords are quite expensive, so beginner mistakes on AdWords in the legal profession are much more damaging than a market where click costs average 75 cents.

Pay Per Click Versus Search Engine Optimization – Savvy Injury Lawyers Use Both

However the pros far outweigh the cons. As an attorney concerned with generating positive ROI, not image and branding, you need to demonstrate that you can do 2 things with your website.
First is getting targeted traffic quickly. Second is converting that traffic into consultations and ultimately new cases taken. Doing these 2 things has more to do with on page copy and directive than it does with graphics. Pay Per Click marketing on Google AdWords is the best way for getting these 2 items done. Pay Per Click is definitely not a hot topic like social media, but when it comes to making the phone ring PPC is much better investment of time and energy than social media and often Search Engine Optimization.
SEO makes sense when you’ve run your pay per click campaign for at least 3 months and you’ve found out what keywords result in legal consultations.

It’s one thing to do keyword research – this can be done with software like Google’s keyword generator, or it can be done with a pencil and paper. Keyword research is a good thing, and is the basis for any search marketing campaign. However the best keyword research comes from the result of running pay per click ads.

It all comes down what works in reality, not what you think works on paper or when doing keyword research. What you don’t want is to be out of pocket for several thousand dollars 4-6 months from now still waiting for your website to get on page one. Worse yet, only the top 5 listings on the search engine results pages get enough traffic to make it worthwhile.

It is true that only 20% of the people that do an internet search click on the paid ads, however it’s better to start getting traffic and measuring the results, than shelling out a lot of money.
With pay per click, results can be predictable In House Counsel. Based on pages I’ve created I know what the response or conversion rates are so I can guarantee that there will be results. SEO can be unpredictable, however it’s best not to have all your eggs in one basket. Do SEO but only when you’ve gotten meaningful data from pay per click.

Retailers do this all the time

If you Google "iPad" you will see Apple on top of the natural and paid search results. This is because they are making money with both. I’ve done similar things generating leads in the B2B technology space. The company had the number 1 ranking for a keyword but Human Rights List was also able to generate leads using pay per click.…

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How To Sue A Company For Discrimination

How To Sue A Company For Discrimination

You must to know about How To Sue A Company For Discrimination. Handling your financial problems without hiring a Bankruptcy attorney or Bankruptcy lawyers is not recommended. Whether it is an individual or a small business that is filing for Chapter 7 liquidation or even if a person is planning to file for Chapter 13, there is always need for assistance to help in doing this the right way. It is necessary get the debt to income ratio analyzed by a professional legal eagle that needs to also evaluate the cost and benefit of liquidation against reorganization of personal or business debts.

Financial Distress

Financial distress is a Corporate Finance term that is used to show that there exists a condition in which accounts payable of a particular company are broken or honored with some degree of difficulty. In some cases, financial distress can lead to insolvency though it is normally associated with certain costs that are called the costs of financial distress.

Dealing With Costs

Typically, these costs are the same as insolvency costs and they also include cost of paying auditors, legal fees and management fees as well as How To Sue A Company For Discrimination. Even if a company does not go into insolvency it may still need to bear costs of financial distress. In fact, this kind of condition will cause a company numerous problems which will result in inefficient management and other losses. All of this then results in conflict between shareholder and bond holder (creditor) interests.

Once a company sees its liquidation value slipping below its debt, it may actually result in forcing the shareholders to invest in riskier projects in order to better the chances of making the firm’s value rise above that of its debt. The problem is that when the stakeholders invest in risky projects it will not be in the best interests of the bond holders because such investments will increase the likelihood of the firm’s value decreasing. Also, a risky project generally does not normally have a positive net present value and costs might also start to rise because of failure to earn enough profits.


Another consequence of financial distress is that the How To Sue A Company For Discrimination may choose to go into liquidation. If this happens then the results will again decrease the firm’s value. The right course of action is for the company to undertake corporate restructuring in which valuations can be used as tools for negotiations. Debt restructuring is another process and one that will allow companies, whether private or public, to reduce as well as renegotiate all of its offending debts which will help to improve and even restore the company’s liquidity.

How To Deal With Financial Distress

In case a company finds that it is not able to honor its commitments to creditors, then liquidation and insolvency are certainly options that have to be explored How To Win In Court by both companies as well as by individuals. The best way to handle financial distress is by first getting the facts about the current situation. Next, there is need to communicate effectively and in a non-threatening manner. Be sure to determine how serious the problem is and then follow-up in order to determine whether a helping agency can provide required services. As long as a person is able to get the facts and determine the seriousness of their problem it will not be hard to find solutions to remove financial distress.…

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What Does Free Consultation Mean Doctor

What Does Free Consultation Mean Doctor

When living under the oppression of debt becomes too much to bear about What Does Free Consultation Mean Doctor, your attention turns to becoming debt free. If you have substantial debt to overcome it may seem impossible. The problem isn’t so much that it’s impossible, but that you don’t know how to go about it. Should you turn to a bankruptcy attorney to get your finances out of the hole?

How much an attorney can help depends on your specific situation What Does Free Consultation Mean Doctor. If you believe bankruptcy could be the best way to become debt free in your case, then you should go in and consult with a bankruptcy attorney. Most attorneys offer a free consultation where you can ask basic questions and listen to what the attorney thinks you need to do in order to get out from under the debt.

Whether an attorney can help you beyond the consultation will depend on how they assess your situation and whether you decide to file for bankruptcy or take other options to relieving your debt. For instance, one alternative to filing bankruptcy may be to go through some type of debt counseling program. Another option for some people may be a debt consolidation arrangement. Those that are best suited to bankruptcy are those that need a bankruptcy filing to get debt free.

Bankruptcy Attorney Consultations

Whether you are sure that bankruptcy is the only way for you to relieve your debt or you just want to consider it as one of your options, the first step is to call up a local bankruptcy attorney and go in for a consultation. Initial consultations are typically free, though you will be limited to a half hour or an hour for the entire discussion In House Counsel.

You should come to the consultation prepared to explain your situation and show any paperwork that may help the attorney understand where you are in terms of debt. The faster you can present your situation to the attorney, the more time it leaves for them to analyze your options and give you a recommendation What Does Free Consultation Mean Doctor.

In most cases, a bankruptcy attorney will not outright say that you need to file bankruptcy. They will give you all of your options to become debt free and if you are a candidate, bankruptcy will be in the mix. In some cases this may be the best case for your situation but in other cases there may be some other options that can be considered.

Working with a Bankruptcy Attorney

During the consultation you should receive all the information regarding filing bankruptcy. You will know how much it is going to cost you to file, how long it may take for the process to work itself out, and what happens after you file. From there you can think it over and decide whether you want to do it.

If you do decide to work with the bankruptcy attorney and file, you will go back in to pay for the process and officially have the paperwork drawn up. In most cases you will then wait for someone in the attorney’s office to prepare your paperwork and submit it to the courts. During this time you can inform any debt collectors calling your home that you have filed bankruptcy and they are no longer to call you.
A debt free life is fast upon you at this point. Follow directions from the bankruptcy attorney and you will be free from the stress of debt soon.…

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Procedural History Appellate Brief Example

Procedural History Appellate Brief Example

If you are experiencing a rough period in your financial life Procedural History Appellate Brief Example, when things have gone off the rails and you are being hounded by creditors, you will probably appreciate some help. Bankruptcy is something that a lot of folks consider, but there are so many myths surrounding it that some straight answers can sure come in handy.

One of the biggest reasons you are considering bankruptcy is simply to get the Procedural History Appellate Brief Example off your back. This is what you should do. Call a bankruptcy lawyer, go in for an evaluation of your situation, and start the ball rolling to eliminate debt. You will be issued a phone number to refer any bill collectors the next time they call. Your new legal advisers will deal with them on your behalf.

Throw the Credit Hounds Off the Trail by Filing Bankruptcy

Another big concern you may have is the sigma attached to bankruptcy for Procedural History Appellate Brief Example. Who will find out? Anyone who wants to know can find out if they take the time to do so because it is public record. However, only the court, the IRS, and your creditors will receive official notification.

The question of whether or not your husband or wife will need to file as well is a little complicated. It has to do with who owes the debts In House Counsel. If one spouse is responsible for the bulk of them, just one needs to file. There are some gray areas in this and the rules vary from state to state, so be sure to ask.

Homeowners should take special note of the following

Your personal residence may be in peril if you are being sued, so consult with a bankruptcy lawyer as soon as this happens. You certainly don’t want your creditor slapping a lien on it, or garnishing your income. Bankruptcy can prevent this from happening.

A foreclosure placed on your home, or repossession action on your vehicle due to late payments may be stopped, giving you the opportunity to consolidate those debts with a customized repayment plan. You and your attorney can work these things out by using the avenues of Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

A very real possibility exists that if you don’t choose bankruptcy, your creditors could freeze your bank accounts, garnish your wages, and seize your property in payment. If you owe more than you have in the bank and what your possessions are worth, usually you can hang onto your personal effects if you file. Even if your assets are worth more than what is owed they can be protected.

If you are not a homeowner you are probably wondering if you will be able to rent a place to live after the papers are signed. The good news is that most landlords simply renew your lease and will have no idea that you filed for bankruptcy. A new lease may present some problems if your previous bad credit record shows up. Often a bigger deposit may be required, but remember, your new situation of having no debt can open doors for you, literally.

Build good credit

For this same reason, you can start to build good credit right away. In fact, lenders may line up to do business with you, including credit card companies, car dealerships and home loan lending firms. Be extremely cautious of your new situation. You don’t want to go through this again.…

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Human Right

How to Win Over a Jury as a Defendant

How To Win Over A Jury As A Defendant

If you have a serious How To Win Over A Jury As A Defendant, are unable to maintain gainful employment and have extremely limited financial resources, you may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. If you qualify, you’ll receive a monthly benefit check to supplement your income.

Applying for SSI requires gathering and submitting a How To Win Over A Jury As A Defendant of information to establish your medical condition, as well as your financial situation. It can take a year or more to get a determination from SSI, so it’s important to submit your application with as much documentation as possible to substantiate your claim and increase your odds of being approved for benefits.

Before you apply for SSI, you should check to see if you fulfill the initial qualifications. Unlike SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance), which is for people who’ve worked long enough to pay into the program, SSI is for people without a significant work history.

In order to qualify for SSI, your medical impairment must be expected to last at least one year, or be serious enough to be expected How To Win In Court to result in death. You must have been disabled at least five months before you can begin collecting benefit payments.

How to Apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

You must supply supporting documents to file with your claim for SSI benefits including: hospitalizations, doctor’s visits, medical test results, medications and therapeutic treatments. The more medical information you can supply to substantiate your claim, the better.

SSI will check to see if your disabling condition is on their List of Impairments. The list documents conditions that are serious enough to be disabling.
If your medical impairment is listed, your chances of being approved are increased, but you still have to prove that you have the listed condition. SSI will need an abundance of medical data to substantiate your diagnosis.

When you’ve gathered all of your documentation you can make your application through your local Social Security office, or you can apply online.
It will take at least 90 days and as long as one year for your claim to be reviewed. Only 30% of claims for SSI benefits are granted during the initial application phase. If your claim is denied, you can ask for a reconsideration in which case your application will be reviewed a second time. If you’re denied again, you can file an appeal. The appeals process can take as long as your initial claim, 90 days or more.

Many people hire a disability How To Win Over A Jury As A Defendant to assist them with their claim after they’ve received a denial of their claim for SSI benefits. Being represented by an experienced attorney who specializes in disability law can help you in obtaining a positive outcome in your claim for SSI.…