An Overview on Personal Injury Tort Law

An Overview on Personal Injury Tort Law

Personal injury tort law refers to the relief of one’s injury due to the negligent and wrongful acts of another. A tort is a breach of civil duty and can serve as the basis of a lawsuit. The injured party is known as the plaintiff, whereas the liable party is called a “tortfeasor” or defendant.

In personal injury tort law, the injured party is entitled to receive compensation for damages, and the party responsible for the damages is held liable for providing compensation. If you’ve been injured or experienced damages due to another’s behavior, it’s important to understand the different types of torts for your benefit.

The most common kind of tort is negligence. A tort of negligence results when one breaks their duty of providing care owed to another party, usually involving a careless or reckless action that causes the injury. Intentional torts are when injuries were inflicted on purpose. Examples of intentional torts are defamation of character, intentionally assaulting another person, and false imprisonment. Whatever the case, it is the objective of tort law to make the liable party pay for the damages that they inflicted on the plaintiff.

The question is, how do you know if you have grounds for such a case? You have a case if you’ve been hurt because of another’s negligence. A perfect example is medical malpractice cases. In here, a doctor conducts a medical error from not conforming to strict medical standards, resulting in the injury or death of a patient. In this scenario, it’s ideal to contact an Oakland medical malpractice attorney to hold that doctor responsible.

If someone hurts you on purpose, then you obviously have enough grounds to file a suit and make that party liable for damages. You may also have a case in your hands if ever you were hurt in an area that had potential hazards and risks. Examples of this are workplace accidents and slip-and-fall scenarios. Such scenarios are enough for you to contact an Oakland injury lawyer and file a claim.

If you’re suffering from emotional and physical pain due to an accident and have to pay medical expenses because of another’s actions, it is your right to be entitled to compensation under tort law. An Oakland injury lawyer can help you pursue your case and get the compensation you deserve.