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Arachnoiditis Treatments

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Arachnoiditis Treatments

For many disorders that affect the nervous system, there are few treatments that are not risky surgical procedures or potentially damaging pharmaceuticals. In terms of arachnoiditis, which is the inflammation of an important layer of tissue that runs up the spine and surrounds the brain, these treatments are generally considered as methods to reduce the overall pain of the disorder. However, few physicians can say with confidence that these measures will actually improve the permanent damage done to the body.

When a disorder causes severe pain and weakened bodily functions, one possibility that some doctors turn to is a regular dose of steroids. However, in the case of arachnoiditis, reactions to steroid use can be damaging, making this primary pain treatment option not only useless to the patient, but potentially dangerous in terms of making the disorder worse.

Another common option, especially with disorders involving nerves, is to turn to precise surgical treatments. Although these can be major risks for some patients, as a slight mistake can lead to irreparable damage, surgeries can be extremely beneficial in recovering from certain disorders. Again, however, arachnoiditis cannot easily be dismissed through surgery. Procedures are considered largely ineffective in most situations, only creating the risk of a surgical error for temporary symptom relief.

Most treatment methods for this nervous disorder consist of pain suppression medication, and are largely recognized to be temporary relief for the underlying problem. Those suffering from this disorder must otherwise learn to live with their pain, which can be a troubling thought for sufferers.

In order to manage the expenses of temporary treatments as well as offset the potential lost income due to this disorder, some individuals may turn to the law. To learn more about how the law can provide financial support if arachnoiditis is the result of negligence, contact a personal injury attorney.

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