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Car Mods

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Car Mods

Car enthusiasts across the country have built a legacy that has persisted for decades, much of which surrounds the customization and personalization of a certain automobile. For these car owners, factory specifications are rarely enough to make a car fast enough, flashy enough, or handle as well as it should. As a result, special parts and after-market modifications have become popular additions to motor vehicles, retooling a particular automobile closer to the owner’s liking.

While these modifications have established a reputation among enthusiasts, less informed drivers should be concerned with any changes made to basic safety functions or complications that can arise from using these parts. In addition to safety concerns, drivers may not understand whether or not these modifications are protected by the law or not, especially considering how different laws can vary according to the jurisdiction.

Perhaps one of the most obvious and most widespread modifications on the road includes the range of various spoilers installed by car owners. Although these can have an effect on car performance, especially at high speeds or in more demanding situations, they are more commonly used to improve the appearance of the vehicle.

On the other hand, an owner may decide to install new parts directly to a car’s major systems, including more responsive brakes, better tires, or more aggressive engine modifications. These may violate local laws regarding emissions or specification standards. In addition, if these parts are not properly installed by a mechanic or have not been properly inspected by the third-party manufacturer, the result can be disastrous.

There is a large difference between safe upgrades and reckless, illegal modifications. To learn more about how these changes to a motor vehicle can affect a car accident lawsuit, contact a car accident attorney today.

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