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Choosing an IRS Tax Attorney

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Choosing an IRS Tax Attorney

A tax audit can be both frustrating and intimidating. If you are faced with a tax dispute or problem, it is best that you have an advocate with you who can help you navigate through the system and fix your tax problem. The audit is just the beginning. When the IRS finds that you owe back taxes, you would need a qualified representative to help you fix any errors, and eliminate or reduce the amount of taxes that you owe. For this reason, it is not enough to go with just anybody you find. Choosing the best IRS tax attorney will make a big difference on the outcome and the whole experience.

Ask for referrals

If you know people who have gone through a dispute with the IRS or have worked with an IRS tax attorney, ask them about their experience and their feedback on the lawyer that they know. Being friends with a tax attorney should not count as a qualification as this is not the right time to risk your family’s finances. Before you commit to any IRS tax attorney, be sure to conduct a short interview so that you will have a good knowledge about the lawyer’s background and qualifications.

Contact at least three IRS tax attorneys. You want to get the best attorney so that your tax problem can be processed in a timely manner and that damage to your finances can be minimized. In choosing, you need to consider if whether or not you want an individual who specializes in tax laws and disputes or you want to hire a firm who has the manpower to research your case and can pool their resources and experience to better handle your situation.

Evaluate qualifications

Since your tax attorney is going to deal with the IRS, you want to make sure that they are a member of the American Bar Association and that they are a member of the bar association in your state. Know and weigh your tax attorney’s qualifications. You want to know how long they have been working with tax law and what their experiences are in working with the IRS in the past. Although it is not necessary that you get an IRS tax attorney who used to work with the IRS, a tax attorney with a significant amount of experience in dealing with the IRS will already know the ins and outs of the system. They will also be able to help you negotiate for a fair arrangement.

Form an agreement

When you find a lawyer that can handle your case, be sure to get the terms straight before you sign any contract. You want to make sure that you clearly understand how the lawyer would bill you. This is very important especially if you are on a tight budget as attorney fees and all the other fees can cost you hundreds to even thousands of dollars. If the lawyer bills you at an hourly rate, ask for an estimate of how many hours you will be charged and if there are any other fees that you need to pay in the future.

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