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Dealing With Workers’ Compensation Insurance Adjustors

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Dealing With Workers’ Compensation Insurance Adjustors

Insurance adjusters really aren’t the most beloved people on the planet as far as jobs go. Like Roman tax collectors of old, they work for ‘the man’ and try to get ‘the man’ as much profit as possible. Claims adjustors do this by making sure that claims are actually legitimate. In an ideal world, they would always catch out the fraudulent claims that can drive up everyone else’s insurance rates while letting the truthful claims alone.

In the real world, though, claims adjustors don’t do what they’re supposed to do. Instead of seeking fair treatment for the insured and the insurance company, they simply seek to get as much money as possible for the company in question. In order to do this, they often make it nearly impossible for injured people to file claims, especially in Workers’ Compensation cases.

In fact, Miami Workers’ Compensation adjustors are known for making claims incredibly difficult to handle. Sometimes insurance companies will offer you a ridiculously small lump sum settlement rather than really paying for your injury as they should. Other times they’ll simply hound you and keep putting off payments of any sort until they catch you doing something wrong.

If you’re dealing with a Workers’ Compensation insurance adjustor that you just can’t handle anymore, you may need to hire a good lawyer. A good lawyer who has dealt with many Workers’ Compensation cases will be able to help you get the money you actually deserve from the insurance company in the near future. Rather than having to wait until your home is in foreclosure, a lawyer will actually be able to help you get back on your feet financially very quickly.

You can be assured that the Miami Workers’ Compensation adjustor is out there gathering evidence about you now. Sometimes they’ll even hire private investigators to check out what you do on the weekends and whether or not you’re always acting like you’re hurting from a recent injury. If you can’t also gather information about yourself in the form of medical records and testimonies, how do you expect to defeat an insurance company in court? You can’t! But with a good lawyer who knows how to gather and present the evidence, you can have your day in court and come away with the money you need to help your family through this tough time.

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