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Dressing As a Defendant

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Dressing As a Defendant

Dressing for court can be something of a nerve-wracking situation for some. Although the courtroom is certainly a place for official argumentation and legal procedure, it is also the public face of a case. With this in mind, appearing in the appropriate attire is an important part of establishing the right tone for a case. Although this certainly will not sway the judge or jury, it at least shows them the due amount of respect, especially when such drastic consequences are on the line.

Dressing as a defendant in a sex crime case can be a precarious thing. Certainly, while wanting to appear formal, a defendant does not want to look too formal. In terms of actual clothing, this is commonly described as business formal. Men should wear suits and ties, while women should wear modest dresses or dress suits. Accessories should be kept to a minimum, and any jewelry should be sparsely worn. Shoes should be formal, although women should avoid wearing heels that are too high.

Colors play an integral role in setting the appropriate tone for a defendant’s case. Although the argumentation and facts provide the actual evidence of innocence or guilt, an appropriate appearance can show a certain level of sincerity and respect for the court. The shirts and dresses worn should be relatively plain and simple, avoiding patterns or overly bright colors. Ties worn should consist of solid, basic colors. Men should avoid bright red ties.

Finally, it is important to remember that haircuts and makeup use also factor into appearances. If a person is standing accused of a serious charge such as a sex crime, it would be best for them to prepare for court by getting a professional-looking, conservative haircut. Additionally, makeup for women should be minimal, avoiding any bright lipstick or extensive eye shadowing.

For more information regarding presentation and courtroom behavior, contact a sex crimes attorney.

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