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DUI Attorney Representation a Must

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DUI Attorney Representation a Must

A DUI attorney is a legal professional who focuses his or her firm on driving under the intoxication and related charges. If a person is charged with driving under the influence, this indicates that the individual was stopped, tested and found to have a blood alcohol level that is higher than what the state legally allows. In most states, that is.08 percent. Anything above that level means that the individual’s senses and abilities may be reduced. That can put other people at risk. For this reason, laws are in place to restrict driving under those circumstances.

What to Do

Individuals who are now facing a charge of driving under the influence should contact a DUI attorney. This professional will work closely with the individual to determine what occurred and what options may be available to help the individual to not face the harshest penalties. In some states, the laws for driving under the influence are significant and may include financial penalties, costly driving programs, jail time and even the loss of driving privileges. However, just because you are facing these charges does not mean you have to pay the worst punishment for them.

There are several things these attorneys can offer to individuals as help and guidance through this very trying time. Every situation warrants a different level of help and guidance because the options are likely different.

– It may be possible to pursue a not guilty verdict if it is possible to prove that there is some level of evidence that the crime was not committed or that the police did not uphold the requirements under the law.

– It may be possible to get the charges reduced due to the circumstances or because of some type of negotiation. If this is the first offense, the charges may be dropped in some rare cases.

– In some situations, it is possible to get a plea agreement. This is often harder to do in this type of case because of the limitations individuals often have and the amount of media attention these cases get.

– It may be possible to plead guilty to get a lower level of charge.

When you work with a DUI attorney, he or she will guide you based on the evidence and circumstances in your individual case. It is not possible to know the outcome of the case until you go to court and a judge rules on it. However, those who are repeat offenders are likely to receive harsher punishment. It is a good idea to work with a lawyer to discuss the options available in your individual situation before going to court.

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