How to Tell the Children About Divorce

How to Tell the Children About Divorce

If you have decided to file for divorce, how do you tell your children about your divorce? They are the innocent victims, but the ones that get hurt the most. Learn how to ease into the subject and make them feel secure at the same time. Read further to find out how to break the news to them.

Children ages 5 to 15 are the most susceptible to emotional stress due to divorce. Their whole foundation has been shook when divorce enters the picture. Of course finding a good divorce attorney will relieve your pressure from that point of view, but your children, what about how they think, they don’t quite understand what is happening.

Learn How To Tell Your Children About Divorce

The simple idea to break the ice is a book. In the case of younger children a storybook format is what their us to and most comfortable with, in the older age bracket a more mature type of book of which you provide the content is more acceptable. Generally, you will want to reinforce the fact that no matter what the circumstances they will be taken care of and loved.

Creating a book will allow you to introduce the subject and use pictures as you ease into the subject. Often times emotional explanations turn out bad because of just that, emotions. You could even have a friend help write the book if you are to emotional for this task.

Don’t be timid to ask, this is the reason you hire a divorce attorney, your emotions could work against you and the attorneys job is to fight for what you need, the same applies to your children.

Writing a little story book is not as hard as it seems.