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Motorcycle Injuries You Should Be Aware Of

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If you ride a motorcycle, it’s important to have a good motorcycle insurance policy. In addition to road rash, you should also be aware of spinal cord injuries, broken ribs, and torn ligaments. These injuries can be life-threatening. Luckily, most motorcycle injuries are preventable.

Road rash

The recovery period for road rash depends on the severity of the injury. In severe cases, it may require long-term treatment and rehabilitation. However, most first-degree cases are self-treatable and heal completely in two weeks. When a road rash occurs, wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and disinfectant before treating the wound. Avoid scratching or scraping the wound. Apply a medical-grade antibiotic ointment to the wound area.

Road rash is a very painful condition that can damage the skin. In addition to being extremely painful, a compromised skin barrier can lead to serious infections. If the road rash injury is severe, it is critical to seek medical attention immediately. The most common type of road rash injury is called avulsion, which is caused by exposure to rough road surfaces. Road rash can cause serious tissue damage and can require stitches or grafts.

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Spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injury is one of the most common motorcycle injuries. It can have devastating consequences if not treated in time. It occurs when a motorcyclist is involved in a crash with another vehicle and suffers multiple spinal injuries. The spinal cord is the structure connecting the base of the brain to the rest of the body. Nerves in the spinal cord send motor commands to the extremities and return sensory information to the brain. Injuries to the spinal cord can disrupt this communication and lead to permanent disability. Medical experts categorize spinal cord injuries in a number of ways, based on location and severity.

Most spinal cord injuries occur in the thoracic, lumbar, or cervical vertebrae. Damage to multiple vertebrae occurs in almost half of spinal cord injuries. Surgery was required in about 10 percent of spinal cord injury cases, and close to 20 percent of patients had long-term complications.

Broken ribs

A broken rib can be a serious injury in a motorcycle accident. It can damage internal organs and cause pneumonia. In severe cases, it can even lead to death. This article provides tips on how to treat broken ribs and prevent them from recurring. Fortunately, many cases can be treated with a simple course of rest and pain relievers. However, if you have a more severe fracture, you may need to see a doctor immediately.

Rib fractures are caused by blunt impact. This is why children tend to break ribs less than adults. As you get older, your ribs become weaker and more brittle, increasing the likelihood of fracture. Several conditions can increase your risk of breaking ribs, including osteoporosis and contact sports. Additionally, cancerous lesions may weaken the ribcage.

Torn ligaments

While broken bones are common in any accident, the most common motorcycle injuries are those to the upper body. If a motorcyclist is thrown from his bike, he is likely to sustain a broken arm or shoulder. These injuries can cause serious pain and may lead to paralysis. Other common injuries are broken bones in the legs and pelvis. In addition, a motorcycle accident can cause amputations, which can result in the loss of a limb.

Most motorcycle lower extremity injuries involve fractures to the lower legs. Lower leg fractures comprise 95% of all leg injuries. The bones in the lower legs are susceptible to fractures during a motorcycle crash, as low-side collisions can put a tremendous amount of torque on the bones in the lower leg. In addition, dislocation of the ankle can result in articular cartilage damage.


Broken bones are among the most common motorcycle injuries, and they can range from minor to serious, depending on their location and severity. In most cases, fractures are not life threatening but may require surgery. Some fractures can lead to more severe complications, including a brain injury. Fractures in the lower extremities are most common, but they can also occur on the arms, collarbones, wrists, ribs, and even internal organs.

A broken leg is the most common motorcycle injury, but other types can cause just as serious problems. If you’re thrown from your bike, or collide with another vehicle, you can sustain a severe spine injury that can cause partial or complete paralysis. Even a minor spine injury can cause long-term issues, requiring physical therapy and rehabilitation. To prevent fractures, make sure you’re wearing protective clothing. Also, make sure you’re wearing a full face helmet.

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