April 21, 2024


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Questions to Ask a Lawyer About Your Personal Bankruptcy

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Questions to Ask a Lawyer About Your Personal Bankruptcy Dealing with various financial issues is...

Questions to Ask a Lawyer About Your Personal Bankruptcy

Dealing with various financial issues is enough of a burden, but one can argue that nobody definitely wants to contemplate personal bankruptcy. You may think society will view you unfavorably if word gets out, but bear in mind that bankruptcy need not represent an end. Rather, many people facing the possibility are able to rise above the obstacles to regain solid financial footing. The assistance of a reputable and professional bankruptcy attorney can help you restore your good credit; all you need to do is find the right person to take your case.

Obtaining the services of a good bankruptcy lawyer may come easily or not, depending on where you are and what prior experience and connections you have. The choice of an attorney shouldn’t happen lightly, either, for this is the person who is going to help you with your financial situation. To ensure you and your attorney are the right match, here are some questions to consider asking when you sit down to meet:

1) Do I need to file for bankruptcy at all? For some people, this may seem like a final option when others are exhausted. If you are unfamiliar with financial law, however, an attorney may suggest something you hadn’t before considered as opposed to filing for Chapter 7 for Chapter 13.

2) If so, what type of bankruptcy should I file for? Depending on how you approach this, you will either have your debts discharged (which means that collectors can’t come for you) or you will restructure how you pay off what you owe. A good attorney will advise you of the best way to file.

3) What is the process for filing? Learn everything you can about what is involved in filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 – when and with whom you go to court, how you will benefit, and what challenges you will face.

4) How qualified are you to represent me? Not all lawyers stick with one discipline. Find out where your potential attorney went to school, and how long they have been in practice.

5) How much will this cost? Yes, you will have to pay your lawyer for his/her work. Learn everything you can about fees involved in filing for bankruptcy and what you will be responsible for paying.

The more you know about the lawyer you’re about to hire to handle your bankruptcy proceedings, the smoother the process will run.

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