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Statutory Law Information

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Statutory Law Information

You must to knowing about Statutory Law Information in advance. I saw some crazy things while practicing law, and divorce was at the heart of many of them. Here are the top things I’ve seen women do that say “This Marriage Is Going Down The Drain.”

1. She’s spending ALL the money.

I once knew a couple who had about $340,000 saved up from the husband’s prior business as a commissioned salesman for a large electronics company to Statutory Law Information. She had a negative net worth when they married. By the time they divorced, they both had a negative net worth and were in debt to the tune of $93,000. She blew through $340K, hit the bottom and started digging. Both eventually went bankrupt.

2. She brings home an STD and gives it to the husband.

Now, you don’t have to ask if your mate is cheating if YOU get a disease and the only person you’re sleeping with is your mate. It’s self explanatory.

3. She constantly accuses him of infidelity, even though he’s as reliable as “Old Faithful.”

One woman lost track of some old panties she had — they got lost in the closet. Over a few months time she gained weight, came across the panties, and tried them on. They wouldn’t fit. Of course she then accused her husband of cheating because those panties couldn’t be hers because they didn’t fit! Oh boy, how do you deal with that one Statutory Law Information?

4. She’s sleeping with her boss.

And everyone in the office knows it but won’t tell the gullible husband. This one’s a doozy. The husband comes to the office Christmas party and everyone knows that the wife is a regular item on the boss’ “to do” list.
Eventually the wife loses respect for the husband, begins treating him badly, and things go downhill from there In House Counsel.

5. She isn’t happy unless there is drama in the house.

Drama queens can be difficult to deal with because they thrive on fighting and conflict. They must have a topic of conversation to get the girlfriends excited. Something to complain about is essential. And the emotional rush of it all is addictive.

I’ve come across couples who seemed to be in their natural habitat when fighting. This, of course, frequently leads to marriage failure and divorce.
There are others, but that’s the top five female contributions I’ve seen causing marriage failure.

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