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Car accidents are unplanned and unfortunate incidents that often bear devastating and even fatal consequences...

Car accidents are unplanned and unfortunate incidents that often bear devastating and even fatal consequences to those involved. There is often fear and panic whenever one occurs and it usually takes uninvolved third parties to step in and bring calm and order to the chaos that ensues. Thankfully, there is a certain state-mandated protocol that is expected to be followed by drivers involved in accidents. These legal duties are intended to ensure the integrity of the crash site, save the lives of people that could be injured, and make sure that the proper authorities are promptly involved in the matter. They make up the ultimate guide for car accidents in Nevada.

Drivers Are Required to Exchange Contact and Insurance Information.

Drivers involved in car crashes are expected by law to exchange contact and insurance information with the other drivers or victims. If they hit an unoccupied vehicle and no one is there to make the exchange with, they are expected to leave their information, or business card somewhere conspicuous on the vehicle for the owner to find. This act is a show of responsibility and good faith. It is a credit to the responsible party and lessens the gravity of the offense when legal personalities get involved.

Clear The Way for Traffic.

As much as is possible, people involved in car accidents are expected to clear the way for other road users. Oftentimes, collisions obstruct the roads and hinder other road users from going about their normal activities. This could even cause more accidents. Clearing the road enough for people to pass through will prevent unnecessary traffic from forming.

Drivers Are Required to Notify the Police.

Nevada laws enquire people involved in car accidents to notify the police as soon as they can. This is promptly expected if there are major injuries and or deaths. The police will bring calm and order to the scene and begin an immediate investigation into the incident. Their presence will bring a much-needed sense of security to a very chaotic situation. Also, their timely arrival and consequent findings will ensure that liability is established and justice is rightly served.

Help The Injured or Dying.

As much as this should be a basic humanitarian response to car accidents, Nevada car accident laws require it of drivers involved. When a ghastly accident occurs, the quick thinking and assistance of those capable to offer assistance at the time could be the difference between life and death for some. First aid should be administered where possible and hazardous materials should be removed from the area of the wreckage to prevent and further potential damages. The ambulance should also be promptly called in.

Report To the Department of Motor Vehicles.

There are certain conditions where this course of action should be implemented under Nevada car accident laws. A traffic accident report must be reported within ten days to the DMV if anyone was hurt or injured. It must also be accurate and contain no fallacies. Failing to do could get one’s license suspended for up to a year and falsifying the report could yield up to a year in incarceration and thousands of dollars in fines.


These car accident laws help take the stress out of the already stressful situation and ensures that lives are saved.

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