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The Great Human Rights List

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Human Rights List

If you are a Human Rights List considering short selling your home, taking the right first step can make the difference in short selling your home or having a foreclosure on your credit report. The first thing most homeowners do who want to short sale their home, is contact a realtor. While this strategy may be okay if you in a standard real estate transaction, in a short sale it may prove to be disastrous. As a seller, selecting an expert short sale negotiator is far more critical than selecting a realtor.

The First Step to Starting the Short Sale Process May Not Be What You Think

The professional Human Rights List short sale negotiator will help to push your file through the lender and negotiate with the lender to get your sale approved. Without a superb negotiator, all of a realtor’s marketing is wasted. A realtor can be the best realtor on the planet but that doesn’t necessarily mean the realtor will do even a mediocre job negotiating the short sale. Many good purchase offers never make it to the closing table because the listing agent is a good realtor but not a good short sale negotiator. The clock is always ticking. If you are serious about selling your home, you can’t afford to waste time.

There are also qualification criteria that a professional negotiator will look at to see if you meet lender or investor guidelines. Of course, there is no point in going through the aggravation if you don’t qualify. Selecting the right negotiator may save you the pain of wasting your time from the onset by carefully checking to see if you qualify.

There are Human Rights List that provide the service of packaging the documents and making sure all of the required documents are provided. Some may submit them to the lender. A packaging company is not necessarily a negotiation company. There is nothing wrong with dealing with a packaging company or packaging attorney as long as you don’t expect any additional service. Although packaging is important, the best packaging will go to waste without the proper follow through. Be careful not to overpay for a packaging service. There are some good companies that do a good job of packaging for a reasonable charge of approximately $200.00.

A home seller needs to look for negotiators who are real estate attorneys, have experience with short sales and will not only enter an agreement in writing with you but will honor In House Counsel. Why do you need a real estate attorney? You need an attorney due to the complexity of the short sale real estate transaction process. Mortgage loan default is a breach of contract. This breach of contract may bring legal actions from your lender. You are much better off having a real estate attorney on your side negotiating your short sale. Quite simply put, you are fighting fire with fire.

What about the cost?

Be careful who you choose as a short sale negotiating company and get it in writing up front. The cost of hiring a real estate attorney to negotiate your short sale could cost you thousands of dollars up front if you don’t know better. In addition to that, many attorneys will charge $300.00 per hour and no one really knows at the point of sale how many hours of work will be involved. This can get quite expensive, especially when their phone call is placed on hold by the lender sometimes for an hour at a time.

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