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The Law Of Rhythm

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The Law Of Rhythm

Cars are built to be a safe box on wheels that protects drivers from harm about The Law Of Rhythm. This logic usually leads drivers to believe that they’re being safer in an accident than a biker who is just on a bike, which in that case, is usually true. Anyone who’s been in an accident will admit that it’s a very scary situation, and no matter what vehicle in involved.

Most Common Injuries

One of the more common injuries sustained in any car accident is whiplash, and the second most common is a typical seat belt injury The Law Of Rhythm. Seat belts are usually the cause of whiplash; while your body is staying in motion, the belt applies a sudden “stopping” force, lashing the passenger forward and snapping them back, causing much strain on the chest and neck.

The Golden Driving Law

As many states enforce the “Click It, or Ticket” policy, many people would suspect seat belts to not cause as much pain as they do in accidents. Driving without one and having an accident will also lower your risk of being able to receive a claim, whether you are at fault or not.

Seat Belt Injury Claims

It has been proven in past and recent studies, that drivers wearing their belts are likely to experience fewer injuries than those who do not wear their seat belts. Not every belt injury is serious, but there have been some causes of extreme belt injury. Despite these facts, belts are known to save lives, with or without injury.

Seat Belts and Claims

Driving with a belt does more than save your life The Law Of Rhythm; they can be the make or breaking point in whether or not a claim is settled in your behalf. If injuries are sustained from not wearing one, no matter where the claim comes from, it will have a big factor in how much money is awarded to help with any liability coverage In House Counsel.

Seat Belts and Personal Injury Claims

Most insurance companies will find you at somewhat at fault for not wearing a seat belt, known as comparative negligence. Wear your belt. Not only will it help keep you alive, it will help in making sure there is less money coming out of your pocket when it comes to paying fines and such.

No one wants to die, spend their rest of their life in pain, or end up paying bills that shouldn’t be there for the remainder of their life. Everyone benefits from seat belts: you, your insurance company, and all the loved ones in your life.

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