July 22, 2024


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The Ultimate Guide to The Best eCommerce Domain Names

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Every 2.61 sec, a new domain name gets registered. The number shows the tough competition at which domain names are getting registered. A domain name is your brand identity that navigates your customers to your webpage.

Therefore, choosing a suitable domain name in NZ for your eCommerce business is essential to face fierce online competition. You can do that by registering your domain name with a reliable domain host.

This will create a solid online foundation, creating a better chance of success in such a competitive online marketplace.

Impact of Choosing the Best Domain Names to Buy For eCommerce Business

Just like an excellent prime location can make and break your business, just like that a domain name can impact your online presence. It is not just your web location but also your online identity. The first thing your audience identifies when searching your business. Think, what if amazon.com was amzon1.com? Though it’s very similar, the second one doesn’t make the same impact as the first.

A good domain name influences and defines your brand, helping you rank on search engines. So make sure you take your time and find the perfect domain name that relates to your business the most.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing eCommerce Domain Name

1.      Use Keywords

Using keywords in your domain name aids you to target better while ranking on the search engine. However, it is hard to find a domain that targets well with keywords and has yet to be used. The hard truth is that buying a domain name in NZ is easy compared to perfecting one.

We need to get creative and try different keyword combinations. You can use keyword generators and brainstorm different ideas to get the perfect domain for your eCommerce business.

2.      Catchy

Your domain name should be catching means easy to recall, type and spell. It’s better not to make use of hyphens as they make it complicated. Instead, prefer a domain name that is catchy and goes well with your brand.

3.      Think long term

Creating a domain name based on the niche or industry is always intelligent. But it is also important not to limit your ideas too much. For instance, you are selling storybooks for kids with the brand KidsStoryBooks.com, and suddenly, you wish to expand into adult novels. Therefore, it’s always better to think long-term as well.

4.      Resembling Domain Extension

When buying a domain name in NZ, you need to explore your domain extension. There are various options beyond .com, such as .uk,.shop,.store, and .online, so choose one that identifies what resembles your eCommerce business the most.

5.      Be Fast and Register Multiple Domain Names

Thousands of domain names get registered each day, so even if you still need to perfect it, don’t wait for long. If you take too long, you will also lose the most closely related. Domain names are not very expensive, so it’s always best to register multiple domain names. This also creates multiple roots for your audience to reach your webpage.


With these steps in mind, you can perfect your domain name. Ensure it is catchy, search-friendly and relevant to your brand.

It is the most essential investment for your strong eCommerce business, so be wise and think long-term.

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