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Thrombosis Dangers

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Thrombosis Dangers


There has been a lot of hype surrounding what is known as “deep-vein thrombosis.” This medical condition tends to happen when you are in an environment that requires you to sit for extended periods of time, like on an airplane. What can happen is that the flow of your blood becomes blocked in certain parts of your body and clotting occurs. If this happens, it could be fatal.

Dangers are increased if a clot that forms breaks free of it location and travels to a location like the lungs or the heart. Here, the clot can cause tissue death to vital organs, and can threaten the victims life if the condition is not taken care of quickly.

What could increase my chances of getting thrombosis?

A number of conditions could influence whether or not your blood clots while remaining stationary for a period of time. Some people actually have what’s called “thrombophilia” or “hypercoagulability.” which predisposes them to blood clots in the first place. Other potential influences include:

Old age

Excess weight

Lack of movement

To avoid suffering from this condition, it is recommended that you avoid sitting in your assigned seat for extended periods of time. Other preventative actions include:

Regular stretching and walking around

Drinking Water and other fluids

Limiting alcohol consumption

Wearing compression hose or socks while flying

Riding in economy class can be difficult and very uncomfortable and makes extensive movement tricky. It is the responsibility of airline staff to create an environment that is as comfortable and safe as possible for passengers.

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