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Tips To Find Your Blogging Niche

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Although many of us believe that blogging is old-school, according to statistics provided by the hosting tribunal, around 2 million new blogs are posted every day, which highlights the strong presence of blogging for expressing and communicating with the online world

So, if you are planning to start your blog, you need to find a web domain and hosting through a web host in Australia to make yourself easily accessible online.

And even before that, you need to find your niche that will make you unique and draw like-minded readers who are interested in the content you have to offer.

Why is finding a niche important?

When you go in search of a perfect silk saree online, the vastness of the internet can overwhelm your search engine—giving you hundreds of results right from blogs on silk sarees to online stores with the latest trends to images of women wearing elegant silk sarees.

The internet is a digital jungle that will present you with anything and everything that is slightly related to the silk saree.

However, the true magic of search engines is in the specification the same way as the compass directs you to the north, filtering out other directions.

Similarly, when you carve your blog in the niche direction, it acts like a precise compass needle that makes your content stand out amidst the vast expanse of information available online with power, relevance, and interest.

So, you may feel the internet is a sea of options, but adapting a niche directs your audience in your direction.

Tips to find your blogging niche?

There are three tips through which you can find the best niche for blogging.

  1. Stick with existing profitable blogs’ niche ideas

Sticking with the existing profitable niche is a good idea if your main goal is monetizing your blog content, as these niches help to attract a large and engaged audience, providing exemplary opportunities for sales.

The best blogging niche examples are as follows-

Personal Finance:

  • Budgeting guidance
  • Investment tip
  • Recommendations for financial success

Health and Wellness:

  • Fitness drills
  • Mental health talks
  • General well-being guidance

Technology and Gadgets:

  • Most delinquent tech trends
  • Gadget critiques

Digital Marketing:

  • Online marketing techniques
  • Fundamental tools for effective digital marketing

Personal Development:

  • Self-improvement direction
  • Dream achievement tips


  1. Go for a low, competitive niche

You can also target blogging niche ideas with less competition and grow in them, as it will help you get more visibility and attract easily.

The examples of blogging niche ideas are as follows-

Indoor Plants for Apartments:

  • Greenery in little spaces
  • Space-conscious plant resolutions

Slow Cooking for Busy Professionals:

  • Timely and nutritious meals
  • Tailored for active individuals

Pet-Friendly Travel:

  • Destinations suited for pet owners
  • Advice for travelling with pets

DIY Natural Beauty Products:

  • Making skincare and beauty solutions
  • Niche for beauty product lovers

Sustainable Living on a Budget:

  • Eco-conscious habitation
  • Helpful financial advice for sustainability


  1. Go for more micro-niche blogging

It is a next-level niche targeting that is extremely specific and often missed, which is like a subtopic of a subtopic. Though it might limit your audience, it helps to quickly establish your presence, although you would need to understand dynamics to rank.

The best blogging niche examples are as follows-

Tiny House Gardening:

  • Gardening in tiny spaces
  • Tailored for tiny house lovers

Bullet Journaling for Travelers:

  • Imaginative journaling for those on the go
  • Merging creativity with practicality

Vegan Gluten-Free Desserts:

  • Desserts that are vegan and gluten-free
  • Investigating the world of delicious alternatives

Tech-Free Parenting Hacks:

  • Parenting without weighty reliance on technology
  • Suggestions for promoting a tech-free lifestyle for kids

Mindful Minute Exercises:

  • Quick, impactful mindfulness exercises
  • Created for individuals with busy lifestyles


Once you have decided on your niche, stay consistent, as blogging is not a one-time thing.

Also, it will help you gain a loyal readership and establish yourself as an authority in your chosen niche.

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