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What Does A Statute Look Like

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What Does A Statute Look Like Driving under the influence What Does A Statute Look...

What Does A Statute Look Like

Driving under the influence What Does A Statute Look Like of alcohol is a very serious offence in the eyes of the public and certainly in the eyes of the police too. These days it is politically incorrect to get into a car after imbibing even small amounts of alcohol. If anyone is arrested the first thing to do is to get the services of a DUI attorney. A DUI lawyer will champion the rights of the miscreant driver and literally go to bat for him in a court of law.

Some people will not take the matter seriously and will push the charge aside. This is the wrong attitude to take because this kind of charge can follow the individual for many years if not for life What Does A Statute Look Like.
Insurance premiums could be raised beyond what is normal and even the driving license can be taken away. In the worst case scenario the driver can actually go to jail.

How to Protect the Driver With Serious Charges

For the uninitiated, the law and the courtroom can look terribly scary and will affect the person psychologically. Professionals get paid to walk this path with the arrested person and protect his or her rights to make sure that they are not convicted unnecessarily In House Counsel.

There are several routes the professional can take. First, they will try to discredit the police or the circumstances surrounding the arrest. He will make sure that the rights for the arrested person were not violated and will go all out to try to show that the police made mistakes in arresting the driver. If enough evidence is presented to shake the police story of the arrest, then the judge will have no option but to throw the case out of court What Does A Statute Look Like.

Before all of this routine starts there are several things to remember when a policeman stops the driver. Never agree to roadside tests or to having eyes tested. Don’t give any other details other than name and address to the police. If asked to take a breathalyzer or blood test, agree but don’t take a roadside breath test. Lastly, always be polite and give the officer any documents that is required like the license or insurance documents. It does not hurt to be polite too since no one wants to deal with someone who is completely rude. This may help in the long run.

Once convicted, the driver may have to undergo several hours of ‘school’ to learn of the dangers of driving under the influence. Several convictions could lead to the license being withdrawn for three years which can put a serious dent in a career path. Some employers will not take on people who have these charges on their record so not getting them is a definite plus point.

Perhaps the biggest lesson to learn is that no one needs to be in control of a car once alcohol is imbibed. It really is dicing with death and although the driver may be lucky on the first once or twice that he or she is caught, the third time could lead to jail time or worse.

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