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Bankruptcy Attorney Requirements – Do You Really Need a Lawyer?

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Bankruptcy Attorney Requirements – Do You Really Need a Lawyer?

Bankruptcy proceedings are very complicated. Aside from the forms and documentations you need to submit, there are things that only a competent bankruptcy attorney can handle. Although some people prefer to file for bankruptcy on their own, it is always best if you can get legal services from an attorney who specializes on Bankruptcy Laws.

If you want to ensure that your bankruptcy filing will be trouble free, you should seriously consider getting an attorney who can help you throughout the entire process. So here are the top reasons why you need a bankruptcy lawyer.

Legal Services Are Critical If Your Case is Complicated

If you have lots of assets such as houses, real estate, commercial structures, or cars, then you will certainly need the help of a bankruptcy lawyer. There are lots of documentations you need to accomplish if you have properties. A bankruptcy lawyer can protect your properties by ensuring that you can file for the right type of bankruptcy.

Legal services are also important if you have a huge amount of debt from multiple creditors. Dealing with several cases could give you a big headache. Besides, your creditors will certainly have lawyers who will challenge you. In order to properly protect your interest and effectively push through with your bankruptcy plans, it would be best if you also have your own attorney.

Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Lighten the Load of Legal Burden

Bankruptcy filing is not as simple as filing your income tax returns. There is a great deal of legal documents, affidavits, and forms that you need to write and file. You are already burdened with debt so why add more headaches to yourself when you can easily delegate these filings to your attorney.

Bankruptcy Courts are also very strict about proper documentations. There are stringent rules governing each type of bankruptcy application. By hiring an attorney to handle your bankruptcy case, you can save yourself from the trouble of having issues with the courts.

You Will Need a Lawyer to Represent You during Hearings

When you file for bankruptcy, the US Bankruptcy Court responsible for your case will schedule several hearings between you and your creditors. You will probably face top caliber attorneys in these hearings.

If you have an attorney, you will be able to forcefully negotiate with your creditors. Your attorney could extract better deals from the court. Essentially, the services of your attorney could help save some of your assets.

Your Lawyer Can Ward Off Your Creditors

When you file for bankruptcy, your creditors lose their right to collect payments from you until the case has been settled. They are also prohibited to contact you and you have the right to ignore them and let your attorney deal with the creditors.

Sometimes, there are creditors who may skirt the law by ignoring the automatic stay policy of the court. In such eventuality, your bankruptcy lawyer can effectively ward off any attempt of your creditors to defeat your bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy proceedings are very complex. That is why you really need a bankruptcy attorney who will walk you through the entire legal process of bankruptcy filing.

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