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How Are Bankruptcy Fees Determined and is There a Fixed Price to Pay?

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How Are Bankruptcy Fees Determined and is There a Fixed Price to Pay?

There is no fixed fee when you file for bankruptcy, the cost will be determined by your bankruptcy attorney according to your particular situation. There is no general rule when filing for bankruptcy, therefore no specific price to pay your attorney.

If you do want an accurate estimate of bankruptcy costs, you will have to take a few issues into consideration.

First, you will have to consider how much your debt is when filing for bankruptcy, then the chapter you will be filing under. You will also have to consider if your debt is secured or not, as well as other issues that can help make a big difference to your advantage when filing for bankruptcy.

Not all bankruptcy filings are the same, so depending on your situation different procedures will have to be followed. There are various chapters you may follow when filing for bankruptcy, and each of these require different forms of paper work to fill out, depending on the situation.

You may be asking yourself, why is it I have to pay for filing bankruptcy when I am broke in the first place? Although you might have a point there, that is not really how the world of bankruptcy works. You can turn over a new leaf by filing for bankruptcy, but it can work for or against you, this is why it is essential you ask for professional advice.

To begin with, you can claim a free professional consultation, in order to determine the fees. After this first meeting, your consultant or attorney will be able to give you a general idea of how much your particular bankruptcy will cost you. At times they may refer you to a bankruptcy attorney near you, who will take care of your bankruptcy case.

Filing for bankruptcy is not a piece of cake, like most people will tell you. You have to meet determined requirements or the judge will simply reject your bankruptcy request. This is why you should be prepared to appear before the judge with all the right elements at hand, something a bankruptcy attorney will be able to provide you with.

If you file for bankruptcy without some basic information and help from a financial professional, you are unlikely to get very far. You may also risk having to pay penalties, adding up to your initial debt, this is something you really do not need.

The step you have decided to take is not a minor one, this is why you should plan your strategy seriously and seek professional help before you do charge ahead.

Seek for free advice, which is easily obtainable from many consulting services, and then have them quantify the cost of filing your particular bankruptcy and determine your odds. You will find that the initial expense of an attorney will be paid back by the benefits he or she will achieve for your particular bankruptcy.

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