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Human Rights Articles

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Human Rights Articles Often enough we don’t look at the real numbers Human Rights Articles,...

Human Rights Articles

Often enough we don’t look at the real numbers Human Rights Articles, or you may think it won’t happen to you. In DUI cases, the penalties are based upon a basic system: the more dangerous you are, the more damage you do, the more mistakes you make, the worse the penalties you’ll receive. Many articles point out the basic penalties you get for a DUI case. But they sometimes ignore how the great majority of DUI cases are not one-time offenders, but those getting a second, third, fourth, or worse violation. That’s not to say this is some secret. This article will define the dangers of continuing to drink and drive, the penalties you will receive, and what happens in a court of law when you defend your actions.

Dangers of Multiple DUI Offenses

DangersIn most states the rate of traffic related deaths every year are quite high. Over 10,000 people die in accidents related to abusing alcohol or drugs. That’s may not seem like a huge number, but that’s because deaths don’t include minor and major injuries, not to mention the mental effects. Drinking and driving once is enough to get charges, but by hurting someone else, you may face serious crimes. If you commit what’s called Human Rights Articles, accidentally killing someone because of abusing drugs or alcohol and driving, you can face felony charges and a lot of jail time.

You are also putting yourself in danger. Many of the deaths every year involve no other car. Many die simply from hitting parked cars, running off the road, or a variety of other situations.

The problem is you are putting yourself and others in mortal danger. This is not about penalties. Those will come, but lives are on the line. The more times you drink and drive, the greater the chance this will happen.

Human Rights Articles is defined by infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies, each a level up of punishment. Many multiple offenders for what’s sometimes called an aggravated DUI face felony charges. Felony charges include prison time. Misdemeanors are very common for first or second time offenders, but if you drink so much you hurt Human Rights List else or are clearly far over the limit, you can still be charged with a felony.

What kind of prison time are we talking about? Felonies for DUI offenses typically mean several years prison time. If you endanger a minor, or hurt someone else, you can face stiffer penalties. If you’ve had your license taken away, you continue to drive, and you are caught abusing alcohol or drugs again, you can face felony charges.

Who can help?There are many substance abuse programs which can help. Alcoholism is a big problem worldwide, not just in the U.S. Some simply cannot make the right decisions after drinking – such as deciding not to drive. If you have to drink every single day, if you can’t get through the day otherwise, you may have a problem.

On the other side, you always need legal counsel when facing anything stiffer than an infraction. If you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, having a professional DUI lawyer is a must. He or she can be invaluable in avoiding the maximum penalties.

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