Measures Used to Assess BAC

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Measures Used to Assess BAC

Driving a motor vehicle is inherently dangerous and motorists therefore have a responsibility to conduct their automobiles in a manner that does not unnecessarily threaten the safety of others on or near the roadway. Getting behind the wheel after one has been consuming alcohol is especially risky because it can rob a driver of his or her physical skills and full mental capacity. When an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC) reaches the legal limit, an arrest and prosecution for DUI looms as a very real possibility.

BAC Tests

There are many urban legends and general misconceptions about BAC. The fact of the matter is that the effect of drinking on a person’s BAC varies widely and there are no strict rules that can be used as guidelines. The only way to accurately assess a DUI suspect’s BAC is with the use of laboratory tests or devices. Despite the course of a typical DUI stop and the claims of an arresting officer, it is difficult for the prosecution to successfully prove a DUI case in the absence of a firm confirmation of an illegal BAC. There are three different measures that are typically available to and employed by law enforcement officers as they seek to definitively prove that a motorist was driving under the influence of alcohol. These are:

Breathalyzer/breath analysis – a suspect is asked to exhale into a device that evaluates the concentration of alcohol in the expelled air and moisture

Blood tests – a particularly contentious method because of complicated issues regarding a DUI suspect’s rights, blood is drawn and tested for the presence of alcohol

Urinalysis – a urine sample is collected from a DUI suspect and tested for alcohol concentration

Defending Your Rights

If you have been arrested and are awaiting trial for a DUI, it is important that you retain an attorney who is passionately committed to protecting your freedom and your license. Contact the Seattle DUI defense lawyers of the Cowan Kirk Gaston Law Firm.