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Tax Table – Filing Made Easy

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Tax Table – Filing Made Easy

The dreaded tax season can hit you unexpectedly if you have not been able to prepare for it early. Tools and tax filing aids are available on the Internet. A tax table is one of those simple aids that should make your life easier. You can look for one on any search engine.

Because they are made to guide you in filing your tax return, a tax table is designed with ease of use in mind. They contain the income range per civil status and the corresponding tax rate. Before you can make sense of the values on the tax table, you should know a few basic concepts. This will help prevent any confusion or errors that may arise when calculating your tax liability.

Choose your filing status among the four categories: single, married filing jointly/widow(er), married filing separately, and head of household. The income range and tax rates vary across each status. The income range on the chart pertains to your taxable income. A taxable income is derived from your total income minus the applicable exemptions, adjustments, and deductions. There are tax calculators that can help you with the calculations so that you can come up with the accurate taxable income. The tax rate is the percentage that is charged to your taxable income.

Make good use of them so that you can file your tax return as accurately as possible. On the chart, look for the range where your taxable income lies, under your specific filing status. Beside this, on a separate column, find the corresponding tax rate.

They can vary each year, so make sure that you are referring to the table for the correct year. Some states list their own table for state income tax. Instructions are provided to make sure you use them correctly. There are also sample computations that can guide you step-by-step in your calculations. You can consult with a professional to clarify the tax rates that are applicable to your state. These are some reminders that could help you when using the table.

Do not stress yourself too much when time comes to file your tax return. There are tools and aids available on the Internet, a lot of which are free and so easy to use. It does not require any technical expertise to learn how to use them properly. They are created to reduce any errors and mistakes that you may make when doing the computations. Remember to prepare your tax return and file early. The earlier you file, the sooner you are freed from worrying about your taxes.

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