June 20, 2024


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Ways to Avoid Mechanical Malfunction in Motorcycles

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Ways to Avoid Mechanical Malfunction in Motorcycles

A properly maintained motorcycle will be much safer for riders and will help to ensure that your ride is as enjoyable as possible. There are few basic maintenance steps that you can take regularly to ensure your motorcycle is in good riding condition. These simple steps are especially crucial if you have not ridden your motorcycle for an extended period of time or it has been stored for a season.

Many of these processes are common to what you would do with a car, and most are quite simple. But the consequences of a mechanical failure of any of these components could put a motorcycle at serious risk of being in an accident and being injured in the process. You should check your tires every time before you ride. When checking your tires, you are looking for proper pressure and inflation. The great amount of torque imparted by your rear wheel makes proper inflation a crucial factor in the performance of your vehicle. Also, look for any object that may have punctured your tire and is causing a slow leak of air out of your tire.

Just as you would with a car, you should change the oil in your motorcycle every 3,000 miles or six months, which ever occurs first. Also, inspect your drive chain for proper fit and debris. Your chain should be lubricated when necessary. Though the chain on your motorcycle is not a complex part of the mechanics, it is absolutely essential for your bike to work at all. The chain is the most direct link from the wheel to the power source. If it is not clean and well lubricated, you can lose a large amount of power and function in your motorcycle.

It is important to properly store your motorcycle when it is not in use to keep it in its best condition. If your motorcycle has been stored for more than two weeks, be sure its basic functions are still working. Proper inspection and maintenance before riding can reduce the chance of an accident because of mechanical malfunction.

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