June 9, 2024


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Why Calling a Lawyer Should Be the First Thing You Do If You Get Arrested

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Why Calling a Lawyer Should Be the First Thing You Do If You Get Arrested

When a person is arrested, regardless of the type of crime they’re charged with, calling a criminal defense attorney should be the first thing they do, for several reasons. Too often people accused think that it’s best to wait to see what the charges will be before contacting an attorney. However, there are several reasons this can be a big mistake.

First of all, a criminal defense attorney can be instrumental in ensuring that you don’t say something while in custody that could ultimately hurt your case. The police will try to question you about the situation. In many cases, they’ll start out being friendly and casual. However, make no mistake, they are paying close attention to your answers and are looking for holes in your story. Even the most innocent of statements can be twisted in court and can ultimately hurt your case.

It’s also important to have an attorney as soon as possible so that they’re able to assist you at the arraignment. Without a criminal attorney present, you’re less likely to get bond, or you can end up paying much more than necessary. In many cases the right attorney can get their clients released on a simple promise to appear in court. No matter what the particulars are, having an attorney there can only help your chances.

In order for your criminal defense attorney to provide the best representation in court, they’ll need to investigate your case. This will include speaking to witnesses, getting information from the arresting officers and other ways of getting the whole story together. Depending on the type of case you’re up against, it might be essential that your attorney is able to handle these preliminary investigations within days of your arrest. You don’t want to lose important evidence simply as a result of not having called a lawyer soon enough.

Finally, keep in mind that having a lawyer your side can make the situation much less confusing and frightening. No one wants to be arrested, and most people don’t fully understand the process of dealing with an arrest and arraignment. When you have qualified counsel on your side, you’ll be kept in the loop as to what’s going on at all times, will understand the options available to you and will know what you can expect.

Once you decide to call a criminal lawyer, be sure that you’re choosing someone who has the appropriate background. They should have not only handled cases that are similar to yours, they should have done so with good results. Choose an attorney who is compassionate and non-judgmental. Remember, you’re the one paying your attorney and you are their customer. Don’t choose someone who will intimidate you or otherwise make the experience worse.

While being arrested can be a terrifying situation, hiring the right lawyer can give you the peace of mind that your case is being handled effectively. Having an attorney on your side from the beginning means you won’t accidentally incriminate yourself, you’ll get the best possible results at arraignment and any investigation that needs to be done will be handled swiftly.

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