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Why Choose Collaborative Divorce?

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Why Choose Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative law focuses on what it sounds like – the collaboration between divorcing parties as they work through all of the issues that they are facing. Similar to mediation, a collaborative divorce allows for parties to sit down outside of the courtroom and address issues such as alimony, child support and custody. They can also discuss the division of property and assets – working together to ensure that both parties are able to protect their best interest. This saves them not only the time spent in court, but also the money and emotion that can be drained during typical divorce litigation.

While similar to mediation, there is a distinct difference that is made available to collaborative divorce. In mediation, both parties sit down with a single, neutral mediator to help them as they work out their issues. In a collaborative divorce, however, both parties are represented by their own family law attorney to ensure that their rights are being protected.

In mediation proceedings, parties run the risk of having a mediator that is less than neutral. In some instances, a mediator will be entire into the process with a natural bias that will affect the way that they handle their job – this could leave one side of the party well-protected while the other side struggles with little to no assistance.

Collaborative divorce eliminates this issue and allows both families to have comprehensive legal representation. By working together, families are given the option to avoid the possibility of a long and bitter courtroom battle. They are, instead, able to address the real issues in their relationship calmly and with the help of an outside, neutral party. By doing this, they can cooperatively seek out solutions that will best suit the entire family and not just one side of the divorce – this allows a much more well-balanced and suitable solution.

If you are seeking divorce, you should not hesitate to seek out legal representation from a knowledgeable and experienced divorce attorney. By working with a lawyer that understands both side of divorce – from a harshly contested divorce to one in which both parties work together, you can trust that you will be given knowledgeable and support aid to help you through the process. It is therefore important that you are thoughtful and reflective in your choice of lawyer to ensure that you are assisted by a highly qualified attorney in this troubling time.

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